Digital Art by Savant Artist Unites the World

Details of NFT Digital Art: 10.5 feet by 6 feet digital canvas. 222 MyKids Friends Characters by Savant Artist Florentina. File size: 3.07GB.

We invite you and your community to join us to Unite the World in the name of Love, Courage, Freedom and Joy!

Help us place Florentina's MyKids Friends United in Love, Courage, Freedom and Joy Digital Art featuring 222 of her MyKids Friends Characters on billboards around the world!

Digital Billboards average $2100 per location for a 4-week run. The best audience reach / response is to focus on mid-size markets in coordination with targeted social media campaigns featuring Florentina's MyKids Unite Team.

Reference: United States Digital Billboard Cost

We invite corporate and individual sponsors, financial donations, endorsements and social media help us take Florentina's MyKids Friends message viral!

We will offer the original Digital Art Version through an NFT Auction to the highest bidder to help us further this mission. Details to follow. Interested parties are welcome to reach out.

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