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Join the Revolution with Florentina & the MyKids Unite© Team to Celebrate Friendships for All! 


Learn about being a good friend and making new friends to celebrate "Just How Amazing You Are for You and I am For Me"! 


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Shannon K. Pugerude, M.Ed.; Think Kids Collaborative Problem Solving Certified Trainer; Certified Peer Support Specialist &
Valerie Mallory, M.Ed.; Certified Peer Support Specialist, Crisis Prevention Specialist
Book Written by Andrea M. Clarke and Inspired by Florentina, an Artist with special needs who just wants to have friends and be accepted for who she is.
Bright, colorful illustrations and unique characters, this enlightening story captures the imagination of kids, young and old!
The MyKids Unite Inclusion Revolution Lesson Plan Celebrates Friendships for All!
A Unique, Creative and Engaging Inclusion Lesson Plan for Grades K – 12! Adaptable for ALL ages AND abilities!
Also -->> GREAT interactive resource for College and Community Organizations who want to build and support Friendships for All!
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What you will receive:

  • MyKids Unite© Inclusion Lesson Plan is a 7 Page PDF File. May be incorporated as monthly, quarterly or semester inclusion objectives and goals. 

  • MyKids Unite© What's a Bafoodle?© Worksheet is a PDF File

  • EBook includes colorful illustrations of the MyKids Unite© Team Celebrating Friendships for All in various activities.

  • Ebook is a EPub File - EPUB files can be opened in most e-book readers, including the B&N Nook, Kobo eReader, and Apple's iBooks app. EPUB files have to be converted before they're usable on the Amazon Kindle. EPUB files can also be opened on a computer with several free programs, such as Calibre, Adobe Digital Editions, iBooks, EPUB File Reader, Stanza Desktop, Okular, and Sumatra PDF. Microsoft Edge, the default browser in Windows 10, features out-of-the-box support for reading EPUB files.


Objective: Students will identify why including people that are different than them isn't occurring, why it should, develop a plan to encourage inclusion and implement it. Students will discuss how others can be different and the same. "We Are All Unique Individuals" Students will write, create and share with the class why they should include all students, especially people who appear to be different than them.

  • Team Building

  • Creative Exploration

  • Student Inclusive Interaction

  • Group Discussion and Engagement

  • We Believe In You! T-Chart

  • Inclusion Revolution! Classroom and School-wide Action Plan

  • Exit Ticket - Student driven Ways to Celebrate Self and Others

  • Final Creative Project to share with the MyKids Unite© Team

  • Motivates to Expand Inclusion Revolution within local Communities

As Needed: Includes US Department of Education Standards for Math and Literature.  

Disclaimer – MyKids Unite Inclusion Revolution Lesson Plans are original creations and developed and written specifically for The MyKids Unite Team©  Inclusion Revolution Series. 



"My Stripes May Be Different, But My Heart Beats The Same." ©


Film Productions; FlorentinaSong; MyKids Unite; MyKids Unite Inclusion Revolution; Rockin' MyKids Band; Freedom Rocks Blog and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and copyrights of Andrea M Clarke of 1663 Media Arts, LLC 

All MyKids Unite friends and characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. So sit back, relax and have a happy giggle or two!

Copyright 2006 - 2021 1663 Media Arts, LLC. All Rights Reserved and Fiercely Protected! 

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