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Florentina's Freedom Art Collections *Originals and Prints*

Your purchase from Florentina's "Freedom Art Collections" help to support organizations on the front lines fighting to protect and save our kids from exploitation and child trafficking.

Freedom Flowers
Original Acrylic Paintings
Limited - Signed by the artist, numbered and comes with a beautiful Selenite Heart.
Place your order direct from us. If ordering more than one original painting, or outside of Continental USA, email before ordering to determine shipping rate.

Thank you for supporting Florentina's Creative Journey and as an extension, her very special needs that are not covered by traditional medical insurance.

We hope her art, ability to stay true to who she despite many medical and developmental challenges, inspires you to look-up, be in the moments, celebrate your own journey without apologies and love yourself and others unconditionally.

She matters, and so do you!
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