Art Prints SOLD!
Art Prints SOLD!

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Birthday Party "Covid" Style
Birthday Party "Covid" Style

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Don't Box Me In!
Don't Box Me In!

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Art Prints SOLD!
Art Prints SOLD!

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Florentina is an artist with special abilities who found her voice through art and music! 

Her art has been part of sole and group exhibits and sold around the world.


Florentina's Art will be offered soon as NFT's through Digital Auction Houses. 


Creating art and listening to her favorite bands provides an outlet for Florentina to overcome discrimination and her personal challenges while staying true to who she is! 


Florentina receives great pride and joy

"Bringing Smiles to Hearts and Giggles to Souls"

sharing her creative journey with others! 

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Her Creative Journey

In 1997 Florentina was born on a train in Romania and lived her first 3 1/2 years in an orphanage. Florentina loved the airplane rides and double decker bus tour of London on a layover back to the States. She was like a caged bird set free!  At 3 1/2 years old Florentina was the size of an 18 month old, had never eaten solid foods, was still in diapers and could not speak other than grunts and squeals. She did not know how to be picked up and held or take a bath. 


Before receiving clearance to leave Romania, a female "doctor" told Florentina's mom "Why do you want her, she will never be worth anything. You should just leave her here." It would not be the first time her mom heard similar heartless statements from others. 
After arriving in the USA, Florentina suffered an adverse reaction to vaccines. "Encephalopathic Regression triggered by a cluster of vaccines" i.e. brain injury. 
The American doctor, a development pediatrician, insisted on re-vaccinating Florentina citing "poor refrigeration methods" in Romania. The doctor assured Florentina's mom the new series of shots "would not harm her, even if the vaccines she received in Romania were good." The doctor was dead wrong. A moment Florentina's mom would never forget and would forever regret. 

It took years and over 12 doctors before receiving accurate diagnosis' for underlying medical issues caused by the vaccines. Florentina will require 24/7 care the rest of her life. Thankfully Florentina has an unwavering and loving support system that allows her to stay in her home where she wants to be, and deserves to be with family. 
Over the years Florentina faced heart-breaking mistreatment and abuses by teachers and school staff and was shunned by other parents. After trying a number of public school settings, and their continual failure to provide a safe and nurturing educational environment for Florentina, her mom stepped away from her career to homeschool Florentina full-time. 

For a person who is impacted greatly by a host of special needs and has faced discrimination and mistreatment from other parents, schools and within society as a whole, Art and Music have been Florentina’s saving grace. The Arts are truly her voice and like everyone else she wants to be accepted for who she is without conditions, have friends, good health and welcomed within her community.” Andrea M Clarke – Florentina’s Mom


In 2006 Florentina created Stripes our "Spokes-Zebra" who overnight became infamous for the Trademark Slogan "My Stripes May Be Different, But My Heart Beats The Same." Stripes Art Cards were sent overseas to cheer up American Soldiers fighting in Afghanistan; she has since traveled around the world as part of our Oneness through Art Movement.

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Florentina wants nothing more than to have friends and be accepted for who she is! Because some of her teachers would not allow her to have friends, she started creating friends of her own, which she calls her MyKids Friends. 


She has created 100's of her Friends over the years which inspired the “MyKids Unite©” Team who Celebrate Friendships for All! MyKids Unite Animated Music Videos
are in development!
A self-taught artist, inspiration comes from how she experiences the world around her. Florentina’s trademark styles are bright, bold, animated, realism, lyrical and abstract.  ​Known for her empathic intuitive spirit, sense of humor, non-conformist artist soul and pure love of life; she will move from painting with acrylics to creating intricate colorful “mathematical” abstracts with a computer paint program; which she is self taught. Florentina's fine art as been displayed at various exhibits and has sold around the world. 
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Florentina's vast collections may be available for Interactive Art Displays, Private Exhibits and International Shows. 

Specific styles and genres are available for Commercial Licensing.

 Please contact Andrea M Clarke for more information and to receive her Look-Book. info@MetatronProductions.com

Two Short Films - Flipping the Switch and Flipping the Switch the Backstory are based on real events. Florentina played herself in both short films and created the set design. The short films screened at a number of film festivals to include the Ojai International Film Festival and the Cucalorus Film Festival. 
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Inspired by Florentina's MyKids Friends; MyKids Unite Team is a female driven cartoon series featuring the Rockin’ MyKids Band animated music videos. The MyKids Unite Team Celebrate Friendships for All, Kindness to Animals and a Healthy Universe! 

National Billboard Campaigns

Contact us for details on sponsoring a Billboard or Vehicle Wrap Campaign!

"We are all deserving of friends, a healthy community and the freedoms to live, love and create in peace and musical harmony without the fear of discrimination or worse!

Vehicle Wrap
Choose Love Billboard NYC
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SHOP Florentina's Infamous Stripes the Zebra, Original Creations and MyKids Unite Merchandise!
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