Florentina and The MyKids Unite© Team are Revolutionaries who
Celebrate Friendships for All, Kindness to Animals and a Healthy Planet Earth! 
#RocknRoll Style!
The MyKids Unite© Team are Revolutionaries who
Hail from the 4-Corners of the Universe! 
Their musically charged Missions are led by Florentina, a quirky cool teen artist with magical boots and her sidekick Stripes the Zebra! 

*Animated Music Videos*

  • Be yourself, you matter and deserve to shine for who you are! 
  • Embrace your purpose and freely express your gifts with the world; art, music, science, nature…everything that inspires you!
  • Support those who cannot speak for themselves!
  • Be a champion for a clean, green and healthy planet!
  • Act like a kid! Unplug & get outside to explore & play!
  • Be kind to yourself and all living beings!
Choose Love - It Starts Within!

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MyKids Unite Inclusion Revolution




"My Stripes May Be Different, But My Heart Beats The Same." ©


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