Welcome to Florentina's Creative Journey! Bringing Smiles to Hearts & Giggles to Souls!

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Florentina is an eclectic artist with special abilities who found her voice through art and music! Creating art and listening to her favorite bands provides an outlet for Florentina to overcome discrimination and her personal challenges while staying true to who she is!

Florentina was born on a train in Romania and lived her first 3 1/2 years in an orphanage. A self-taught artist, inspiration comes from how she experiences the world around her. Florentina’s trademark styles are bright, bold, animated, realism, lyrical and abstract which include her MyKids Friends that inspired the “MyKids Unite©” Team Adventures!

Known for her empathic intuitive spirit, sense of humor, non-conformist artist soul and pure love of life; she will move from painting with acrylics to creating intricate colorful “mathematical” abstracts with a computer paint program; which she is self taught.

Florentina wants nothing more than to have friends and be accepted for who she is! She receives great pride and joy in "Bringing Smiles to Hearts and Giggles to Souls" by sharing her art and creative journey with others!

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